About us

Ephrem Firew Asrat (Founder & CEO of NewsRedirect)

NewsRedirect.com will Redirect News from Top News Sources of the world and redirect readers to the main News Source. If you want to get in touch, please contact us, click here.

Agreement between the visitor and NewsRedirect.com 

1- NewsRedirect.com is NOT the main source of any news. Our website is just a middle between News Sources and readers. We redirect news from the main source and provide to our readers, and our readers will be redirected to the main news source.

2- NewsRedirect.com is NOT responsible for the posts made by the main news source. Which means:- The posts made by the main news source website can be edited or deleted without any warning. We just provide the news with the appropriate link for the news article as we see published at first sight from the source.

3- You can’t provide our news website as the original news source, but you can invite readers to use our website. And if you want to use news articles for another purpose instead of distributing news, All the news contents are copyrighted, so you have to ask directly the main news source to have a right to use their work.

If you agree by the agreement, you are free to enjoy browsing news contents from our website and redirect yourself to the main news source! 🙂